Armpit Shields

Armpit Shields

Armpit shields are fabric liners that are designed to absorb the excessive sweating of the armpit - thereby protecting clothing from sweat stains.

There are millions of sweat glands located all over the human body. In the armpit areas (axillae), many special sweat glands - known as the apocrine sweat glands - can be found. Contrary to popular belief, though, the problem with the armpits and excessive sweating isn't so much the number of sweat glands as much as the physicality of the underarm area itself.

Unlike other exposed areas of the body - such as the arms and legs - the armpit doesn't allow sweat to easily and quickly evaporate as it is a shaded area. For most people, that's why there is excessive sweating in the armpit areas. There are consequences to this excessive perspiration, such as sweat stains, body odor, and lost confidence.

And this is where armpit shields come in.

There are many different brands of shields available for the armpit. Most shields are attached directly to the clothing, and tend to come in three types - permanent, reusable, and disposable.

PURAX offers a unique solution to the problem of armpit sweating - the PURAX Pure Pads.

PURAX Pure Pads are the world's first and only patented self-adhesive armpit shields that are placed directly onto the underarm. PURAX's unique armpit application has its advantages.

First off, having the pads hugging the armpit enables faster and more efficient sweat absorption. As a result, sweat is not allowed to resonate on the skin and feed bacteria, so odor is effectively and naturally reduced.

Second, with the PURAX Pure Pads there is, in contrast to other shields, essentially no risk of leaving residue on or damaging your clothing because the pads are placed directly onto the underarm area.

Lastly, the PURAX Pure Pads allow the user to have maximum comfort and mobility due to the patented butterfly-shaped design and unique underarm application. All in all, PURAX Pure Pads are superior armpit shields for the twenty-first century.

Experience a new kind of freedom today with PURAX Pure Pads!


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